Two Left Feet

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Friday, October 25, 2002


Jean is Fozzie!

You are Fozzie!
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I read some of the Stanford Review, the campus conservative newspaper, yesterday. Sadly, despite the rivers of money that flow through their offices, they can't seem to publish the current edition online. Sadly, I had a midterm yesterday, so I couldn't devote as much time as I wanted to (let me rephrase that--I couldn't devote as much time as I felt I should in order to try to understand their points). Even without perusing it fully, however, I found a gem. This one article was called something along the lines of "Veganism is genocide". The reasoning was that, without the demand for meat and other animal products, these animals wouldn't get the chance to live. Therefore, not eating animals kills animals. Right. Of course, the author conveniently refuses to acknowledge the distinction between killing something and not having it be born in the first place. This logic would seem to imply that distribution or sale of contraceptives is also genocide. I know some conservatives are against anyone using contraceptives, but I had no idea it was because it's actually a form of genocide.

All right. I admit that I didn't finish the article, and so the author could have come up with a stunning point of logic after the point I stopped reading at. But can you really blame me for stopping after (I'm quoting from memory) "Everyone needs to be exploted. Everyone needs to be assigned a value by the economy, including animals"?

Seriously, this is a rather striking blow to my generally relativist view of the world. Certainly, I've never believed that everything is relative (a nice little paradox), but I've always felt that it's important to realize that your surroundings can have a profound effect on you. Almost all points on the political spectrum engage in demonization of each other, and I try not to assume that my view is the right one just because it's mine. I've often wondered whether I would have ended up being as vehement a conservative, or as vehement a centrist (yes, vehement centrists exist), as I am a liberal, had circumstances around me proceeded differently. Plus, I've read some interesting scientific articles on biased assimilation--a description of how people who have strong opinions on a subject will assimilate supporting views quickly and with little critique, while harshly analyzing opposing arguments for any weakness. So, I try not to be too judgmental.

But "Veganism is genocide"? How am I supposed to deal with that?

On a far more important note, I've always liked Kermit a lot (see post below). I'm glad to have my name attached to his in some way.


Wow...I'm Kermit, just like Jeanne D'Arc. This may not work, since we have the free version of Blogger. Here goes anyway.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002


I comment on a post on Unmedia (Aziz Poonawalla). I think I might have run across this site a couple times before; at any rate, I'm glad to find someone who seems to actually have experience with Arab Islam. The debate on the blogosphere (or whatever you call the landscape of political blogs) seems to go back and forth between conservatives and libertarians who know next to nothing about Islam and liberals who know next to nothing about Islam, myself included.

On another note, I should really start posting to this blog. What a novel concept.

Monday, October 14, 2002


I discovered the other day that someone came to this site via Google, searching for "Armey feet". I really have no clue why someone wanted to know about Armey and his feet, but it got me thinking that anything mentioned on this page, along with the word "feet", might get Google here. So I typed in my very own (pseudonymous) name, and searched for "Simon feet".

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this:

"Simon With Two Left Feet" - by Angela K. Narth | Children's Book ...

This very much resembles the way one's name might appear if one were reporting for a news outlet. Can't you just imagine someone saying, "This is Simon with Two Left Feet, from Tenochtitlan. Back to you, Jean."?

So, is this Angela K. Narth prescient, foreseeing my obvious ascendance in world affairs? And, if so, can she use her talents whenever she likes, or does it come and go? Does she use her powers solely for good, or for evil as well? All important questions.

Also important, I should mention that both the name of this blog and my pseudonym were created entirely independently by my colleague and me. Unless Angela was using her psychic powers to influence us, this is just a weird coincidence. Really weird, I'll admit, but still just a coincidence.


Well, I haven't been posting for three main reasons:

a) I've had lots of schoolwork.

b) I'm kinda lazy.

c) I've been writing some comments on other people's blogs.

A few days ago, I commented on this post on Demosthenes, defending (to an extent) the honor of the NYT article claiming that Americans want more focus on the economy than on Iraq. Comments seem to be down right now, but when they come back, mine are comments 3 and 4. I even got a thanks from Demosthenes himself later in the comment thread. :)

And today, I was talking about terrorism, Iraq, and other such things on MaxSpeak (this post). Enjoy.