Two Left Feet

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Well, this is weird...

A pharmaceutical plant blew up today in North Carolina. According to CNN, the blast was "so powerful that it blew off house doors more than 1 1/2 miles away." And it seems that no one has any idea why it happened.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003


I'm an uppity woman...

...but I can't help but notice a pattern:

personally, i think the wife should [adopt her husband's name when marrying], but that's just me. I'm old-fashioned. I mean as long as my kids keep the family name, cuz i want that passed down. That's one reason why the fathers always place a lil bit more emphasis on the sons, so that the family name will be passed on to the next generation (assuming that the daughters' offspring have the same last name as their fathers). I wouldn't keep from marrying the woman i love just because she wouldn't change her name, but it would piss me off a bit, cuz if she's my wife, and i pay the bills and i keep a roof over our heads, then the least she could do is show that she is my wife. Next thing i suppose is that it's ok for women to take off their wedding bands in public, as a sign of independence.


I feel Title IX should be abolished because of the effect it has had. While noble in wording and thought, it's true impact has done little good and in fact probably more harm than the period prior to Title IX. I do support women being able to participate in athletics but not at the expense of men. Quite honestly the majority of America and the world in fact would rather watch men play sports than women. Revenue sports such as football have fallen prey to Title IX at institutions all around the nation. Some people will point out that every year it becomes harder to economically support a football program. However, having to balance out 80 scholarships and divert finances to womens programs which only a dozen people may be interested in is hard and a ridiculous notion. Schools around the nation are having to now sponsor more female teams than male teams in a move which alienates a lot of men as well as flushes a lot of money down the drain. Call me a pig or whatever you wish but the advancement of a few to a state of equality should not come at the expense of others.


I see, I'm a sexist due soley to the fact I believe males are better athletes. That's right, good ole cave man me and my thinking with my penis again. Somebody jumped the gun. SURPRISE! I love my liberal school and the fact that everybody thinks everybody else is the next Hitler. I guess I'm a sexist because I think that women have the same right to hold positions of authority. Oh, wait, no that would NOT make me a sexist. However, obviously I'm still a sexist because I as well as, oh roughly most of the world, including us liberals here in America would rather watch men play sports. Now is that because they have penises? Yes that's right!!! Penis power. No I don't believe that's why I watch men's games rather than women's. Could it be that men's games are general more exciting due to the more athletic nature of males. There it is ... I knew I was looking for my point. So apparently I'm sexist because I recognize men for being more athletic and observing that in times of economic shortfallings throughout the universe that funding for Womens Water Polo and Womens Cricket are extreme wastes of money all in the name of "equality".


barring rape, if a woman willingly spreads her legs, she better damn well be willing to take responsibility for the repercussions. Killing your own child as a means of birth control is just fuked up.


The one thing i hate about women is that they have half the money and all the pussy. - Capt. Phil


Why do all these little girls feel like they have to go out and hump the town red? Its disgusting...Why can't you be content to just make out or something? Talk to any senior slut, and if she has any mind left whatsoever, she'll tell you all the drunken flings weren't worth it.



An animal usually living in the vicinity of Man, and having a rudimentary susceptibility to domestication. The species is the most widely distributed of all beasts of prey, infesting all habitable parts of the globe, from Greeland's spicy mountains to India's moral strand. The creature is of the cat kind. The woman is lithe and graceful in its movement, especially the American variety (felis pugnans), is omnivorous and can manipulate the opposite sex.

All of these comments were made by UNC students, on the UNC Discussion Board. I daresay they're expressing deep-rooted opinions that are not so tolerable in the light of day. In any case, it's a little scary.

Saturday, January 11, 2003


Another famous Chapel Hill grad...

I have just learned that the largest adult-oriented mail-order company in the nation is located right here in Chapel Hill. Evidently, "The company's warehouse is 40,000 square feet; it contains, in addition to videos and DVDs of every possible persuasion, the largest selection of lubricants and sex toys in the world."


Even better, the company's owner (a graduate of the fair University of North Carolina) uses the profits to provide cheap contraception to the world's poor. Last year, he distributed 364,741,409 condoms.

Article here.